Services Retail, Hospitality & Commercial

Retail, hospitality & commercial

TriStone ticks all the boxes

Design flexibility

Prima Solid Surfaces work with architects, designers and joiners to create high-quality fit-outs. TriStone is an incredibly versatile material and we can fabricate it into almost any thickness, length or shape and integrate it with other materials.

First impressions

No matter what business you're in, making a great first impression is crucial. With our experienced fabricators and specialised equipment, we can help create stand-out designs including curved countertops, back-lit reception desks and custom branded panels.

 Hygiene standards

TriStone's non-porous surface is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, and the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has approved it as a safe food preparation surface (NSF-51). This makes TriStone ideal for cafes and restaurants, as well as hair and beauty salons, laboratories and healthcare providers.

Miyabi Restaurant
Kara Hair