Services TriStone Refurbishment & Repair

Refurbishment and repair

TriStone is renewable and repairable

Bring your benchtop back to as-new condition

One of the major advantages of TriStone is that the colours and pattern go all the way through the surface. Chemico is all you need to polish away scuffs and minor scratches. But if Chemico is no longer bringing your benchtop back to life, Prima Solid Surfaces can restore it. For a small fee, one of our fabricators will professionally sand and polish your benchtop, so that it looks like new again.

Repair damage

In the rare chance that you accidentally chip your benchtop or put a hot pan down on it by mistake, TriStone can be repaired. Prima Solid Surfaces can cut out the damaged piece and seamlessly replace it.

TriStone cleaning